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We can help. We’ll discuss your injury or condition and create a strategy to help you get back on track fast.

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We can help. We’ll discuss your injury or condition and create a strategy to help you get back on track fast.




Hello, I am a massage therapist here in key west, and I was in a serious car accident March 2nd. I have multiple spinal and nerve injuries, that Dr. Norman has been helping me with and I am truly amazed. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do massage anymore, which I love very much. I have been seeing Dr. Mike for 2 weeks and most of my pain is going away. I love the way we participate by doing exercises and stretching before the adjustments. The best of all I can return to performing massage again. I am very happy. Thank You Dr. Mike and you too Angela.

– Susan B.

Thank God I found Dr. Norman after my car crash! I’m feeling better than I ever have!!
– Stacy P.

A very comprehensive view on chiropractic care. I feel much better than I have with previous chiropractic care. I feel that he listens to me and the unique issues I’m having.
– Nikki D.

Doc Michael is AMAZING! He has helped my entire family get and keep our spines aligned, which helps alleviate aches and pains from a work injury, to a recent car crash that impacted all three of us. We highly recommend ANY one who has been in any and all ‘fender benders’ to go see him so that any future aches and pains can be avoided due to a misalignment of the spine, and pinched nerves.

– Traci R.

We (my wife, our son, and I) have been treated by Dr. Norman since March 2015 after a car accident. Professional, caring, and very helpful with numbness in my arm and hand following the accident! Highly recommended!
– George I.
I came to see Dr. Norman because I was feeling really bad, I was only able to walk 20 to 40 feet without severe back pain. After only 3 treatments today I was able to walk to the clinic from a half a mile away without any pain. I was told I might need surgery but my surgeon Dr. Catana referred me to Dr. Norman first. Thank you Dr. Catana and Dr. Norman. I feel much better køb cialis.
– Jose C.

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