Dear Counselor,

Let me start by asking a seemingly simple question. Are all chiropractors licensed to care for car accident injuries? Yes.

But are they all trained to do so? No.

Think of it this way.

Would you let your dermatologist perform open heart surgery on you? Of course not! But why? A dermatologist is licensed to perform open heart surgery. The dermatologist and heart surgeon have the same medical degree. So what is the difference? Training! Your heart surgeon spent years getting the training and credentials to perform heart surgery while the dermatologist dedicated those years to learning how to best treat skin conditions and diseases. Same license, different training and credentials.

Like these doctors, I’ve spent years dedicated to the training required to treat car accident injuries properly. Please find below a link to my CV which details my more than 28 years of experience and continuing education in the field of chiropractic, including extensive training in the area of treating car accident injuries.

I look forward to giving you a tour of our spinal care and rehab clinic and speaking to you in detail about how I can best serve you and your clients.

Best regards,


Michael A. Norman, DC

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